Para-Perceptual Helmets

(project 2015—2016)

With Neil McKenzie

Exo-Perceptual Helmets

(project 2015—)

We started building helmets because we wanted to stretch the limits of our visual art beyond making objects-to-be-looked-at to making objects-for-looking. The Meta-perceptual helmets were concerned with the position of the eyes in the head, mostly exploring arrangements that we already find in the natural world. The Para-perceptual helmets will explore more complex and less natural arrangements. If we are still exploring the science of vision, it is to make these objects-for-looking as pertinant and engaging as possible.  

The third series—which we are calling Exo-perceptual—are more concerned with the poetry of looking than with the science of seeing. They are a poetic complement to the previous helmets, providing opportunities to explore some extraordinary processes, as well as creating highly aesthetic art objects.

Following on from the Metaperceptual Helmets, these Helmets take more complex forms and explore extraordinary visual processes